Class CUDAScanCompaction

Class Documentation

class CUDAScanCompaction

Public Types

enum Type

Try and be a bit more dynamic by using 2d array here


enumerator AGENT_DEATH
enumerator AGENT_OUTPUT

Public Functions

inline CUDAScanCompaction()
CUDAScanCompaction(CUDAScanCompaction const&) = delete
void operator=(CUDAScanCompaction const&) = delete
void purge()

Wipes out host mirrors of device memory Only really to be used after calls to cudaDeviceReset() CUDAScanCompaction methods


Only currently used after some tests

void resize(const unsigned int &newCount, const Type &type, const unsigned int &streamId)
void zero(const Type &type, const unsigned int &streamId)
const CUDAScanCompactionConfig &getConfig(const Type &type, const unsigned int &streamId)
CUDAScanCompactionConfig &Config(const Type &type, const unsigned int &streamId)

Public Static Attributes

static const unsigned int MAX_TYPES = 3

Number of valid values in Type

static const unsigned int MAX_STREAMS = 128

As of Compute Cability 7.5; 128 is the max concurrent streams