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class LoggingConfig

Interface to the data structure for controlling how model data is logged

Subclassed by StepLoggingConfig

Public Types

enum Reduction

Enum representing the available reduction types for agent variables


enumerator Mean
enumerator StandardDev
enumerator Min
enumerator Max
enumerator Sum
typedef std::pair<std::string, std::string> NameStatePair
Any() ReductionFn (HostAgentAPI &ai, const std::string &variable_name)

Public Functions

explicit LoggingConfig(const ModelDescription &model)



model – The ModelDescriptionHierarchy to produce a logging config for

explicit LoggingConfig(const ModelData &model)
explicit LoggingConfig(const LoggingConfig &other)

Copy Constructor

AgentLoggingConfig agent(const std::string &agent_name, const std::string &agent_state = ModelData::DEFAULT_STATE)

Returns an interface to the logging config for the named agent state

void logEnvironment(const std::string &property_name)

Mark a named environment property to be logged


property_name – Name of the environment property to be logged



Public Static Functions

static inline constexpr const char *toString(const Reduction &r)
struct NameReductionFn

Public Functions

inline bool operator<(const NameReductionFn &other) const

Public Members

std::string name
Reduction reduction
ReductionFn *function