Template Class MemoryVector

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Base Type

Class Documentation

template<typename T>
class MemoryVector : public GenericMemoryVector

Public Functions

inline explicit MemoryVector(unsigned int _elements = 1)

Memory vector is an array of variables


_elements – the length of the array within a variable, most variables will be 1 (a lone variable)

inline virtual ~MemoryVector()
inline virtual const std::type_index &getType() const override
inline virtual unsigned int getElements() const
inline virtual size_t getTypeSize() const
inline virtual size_t getVariableSize() const
inline virtual void *getDataPtr() override
inline virtual const void *getReadOnlyDataPtr() const override
inline virtual void *getVectorPtr()
inline virtual MemoryVector<T> *clone() const
inline virtual void resize(unsigned int s) override

Protected Attributes

const unsigned int elements

Multiplies with size to allocate enough memory

std::vector<T> vec
const std::type_index type
const size_t type_size