Class AgentInterface

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class flamegpu::AgentInterface

Base-class (interface) for classes like CUDAAgent, which provide access to agent data

Subclassed by flamegpu::CUDAAgent

Public Functions

virtual ~AgentInterface() = default
virtual const AgentData &getAgentDescription() const = 0
virtual void *getStateVariablePtr(const std::string &state_name, const std::string &variable_name) = 0
virtual ModelData::size_type getStateSize(const std::string &state_name) const = 0
virtual id_t nextID(unsigned int count) = 0

Returns the next free agent id, and increments the ID tracker by the specified count


count – Number that will be added to the return value on next call to this function


An ID that can be assigned to an agent that wil be stored within this Agent collection