Class RandomManager

Class Documentation

class flamegpu::RandomManager

Singleton manager for initialising simulation wide random with a common seed This is an internal class, that should not be accessed directly by modellers Manages the shared array of curand state use by agent functions Manages the random engine/s used by host functions


AgentRandom For random number generation during agent functions on the device


HostRandom For random number generation during host functions

Public Types

typedef unsigned int size_type

Inherit size_type from include-public partner class

Public Functions


Creates the random manager and calls reseed() with the return value from seedFromTime()

uint64_t seedFromTime()

Utility for generating a psuesdo-random seed to pass to init

Member fns

void reseed(const uint64_t &seed)

Reseeds all owned random generators


Can be called multiple times to reseed, doing so releases existing memory allocations

curandState *resize(const size_type &_length)

Resizes random array according to the rules: while(length<_length) length*=growthModifier if(shrinkModifier<1.0) while(length*shrinkModifier>_length) length*=shrinkModifier

void setGrowthModifier(float)


float getGrowthModifier()
void setShrinkModifier(float)
float getShrinkModifier()
template<typename T, typename dist>
T getDistribution(dist &distribution)

Generates a random number with the provided distribution


Not believed to be thread-safe!


distribution – A distribution object defined by <random>

Template Parameters
  • dist – random distribution type to be used for generation (this should be implicitly detected)

  • T – return type

size_type size()

Returns length of curand state array currently allocated

uint64_t seed()
curandState *cudaRandomState()
RandomManager(RandomManager const&) = delete
void operator=(RandomManager const&) = delete