Class jsonReader_agentsize_counter

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Base Type

  • public rapidjson::BaseReaderHandler< rapidjson::UTF8<>, jsonReader_impl >

Class Documentation

class jsonReader_agentsize_counter : public rapidjson::BaseReaderHandler<rapidjson::UTF8<>, jsonReader_impl>

This is a trivial parser, it builds a map of the number of agents in each state This allows the agent statelists to be preallocated It also reads the config blocks, so that device can be init before we do environment

Public Functions

inline StringPairUnorderedMap<unsigned int> getAgentCounts() const
inline explicit jsonReader_agentsize_counter(const std::string &_filename, Simulation *_sim_instance)
template<typename T>
inline bool processValue(const T &val)
inline bool Null()
inline bool Bool(bool b)
inline bool Int(int i)
inline bool Uint(unsigned u)
inline bool Int64(int64_t i)
inline bool Uint64(uint64_t u)
inline bool Double(double d)
inline bool String(const char *str, rapidjson::SizeType, bool)
inline bool StartObject()
inline bool Key(const char *str, rapidjson::SizeType, bool)
inline bool EndObject(rapidjson::SizeType)
inline bool StartArray()
inline bool EndArray(rapidjson::SizeType)