Simulation Exit Conditions

Simulations can exit either after a specified number of steps, or when a particular condition is met.

Max Steps

The number of steps can be set through the SimulationConfig method of a CUDASimulation object:

# Set the simulation to run for 500 steps
simulation.SimulationConfig().steps = 500

Conditional Exit

Conditional exit from the simulation can be controlled through the use of the FLAMEGPU_EXIT_CONDITION macro. These are specified in the same way as other host functions, but return either CONTINUE or EXIT:

FLAMEGPU_EXIT_CONDITION(my_exit_condition) {
  if (someCondition)
    return flamegpu::EXIT;  // End the simulation here
    return flamegpu::CONTINUE;  // Continue the simulation

The exit condition can be added to the model:

# Add 'my_exit_condition' to 'model'

If a model has multiple exit condition functions, they will be executed in the order that they were added to the model. When multiple exit conditions are defined, conditions are only executed if earlier exit condition functions return flamegpu::CONTINUE.