Class MessageBruteForce::Description

Nested Relationships

This class is a nested type of Class MessageBruteForce.

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

Class Documentation

class Description : public flamegpu::MessageBruteForce::CDescription

Within the model hierarchy, this class represents the definition of an message for a FLAMEGPU model This class is used to configure external elements of messages, such as variables Base-class, represents brute-force messages Can be extended by more advanced message descriptors

See also

MessageData The internal data store for this class

See also

ModelDescription::newMessage(const std::string&) For creating instances of this class

Public Functions

explicit Description(std::shared_ptr<Data> data)


Constructor, creates an interface to the MessageData


dataData store of this message’s data

Description(const Description &other_message) = default

Copy constructor Creates a new interface to the same MessageData/ModelData

Description(Description &&other_message) = default
Description &operator=(const Description &other_message) = default

Assignment operator Assigns this interface to the same MessageData/ModelData

Description &operator=(Description &&other_message) = default