Struct MessageSpatial2D::Data

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This struct is a nested type of Class MessageSpatial2D.

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Struct Documentation

struct Data : public flamegpu::MessageBruteForce::Data

Internal data representation of Spatial2D messages within model description hierarchy

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Subclassed by flamegpu::MessageSpatial3D::Data

Public Functions

virtual ~Data() = default
virtual std::unique_ptr<MessageSpecialisationHandler> getSpecialisationHander(detail::CUDAMessage &owner) const override
virtual std::type_index getType() const override

Used internally to validate that the corresponding Message type is attached via the agent function shim.


The std::type_index of the Message type which must be used.

virtual flamegpu::MessageSortingType getSortingType() const override

Return the sorting type for this message type

Public Members

float radius
float minX
float minY
float maxX
float maxY

Protected Functions

virtual Data *clone(const std::shared_ptr<const ModelData> &newParent) override
Data(std::shared_ptr<const ModelData> model, const Data &other)

Copy constructor This is unsafe, should only be used internally, use clone() instead

Data(std::shared_ptr<const ModelData> model, const std::string &message_name)


Normal constructor, only to be called by ModelDescription


friend class ModelDescription
friend struct ModelData