Struct CUDAScanCompactionConfig

Struct Documentation

struct CUDAScanCompactionConfig

Scan and Compaction buffer data for a specific stream and scan type

Public Functions

inline CUDAScanCompactionConfig()

Default constructor Initially no memory is allocated, all buffers are empty.


Releases all allocated memory

CUDAScanCompactionConfig(CUDAScanCompactionConfig const&) = delete

Copy construction is disabled

void operator=(CUDAScanCompactionConfig const&) = delete

Assignment is disabled

void free_scan_flag()

Release the two scan buffers inside d_ptrs

void resize_scan_flag(unsigned int count)

Resize the two scan buffers inside d_ptrs


count – The number of items required to fit in the resized buffers

void zero_scan_flag_async(cudaStream_t stream)

Reset all data inside the two scan buffers to 0


This method is async, the cuda stream is not synchronised


stream – The CUDA stream used to execute the memset

Public Members

unsigned int scan_flag_len = 0
CUDAScanCompactionPtrs d_ptrs

Structure of scan flag buffers