Struct AgentVisData

Struct Documentation

struct AgentVisData

Public Functions

explicit AgentVisData(detail::CUDAAgent &agent, const std::shared_ptr<AutoPalette> &autopalette = nullptr)


Agent states only receive colors from the autopalette when AgentVis::State() is called for each state


By default, all states share the same color from the autopalette

  • agent – The CUDAAgent this class is configuring the visualisation for

  • autopalette – Automatic source of colors for individual agent states

void initBindings(std::unique_ptr<FLAMEGPU_Visualisation> &vis)

Pass vis configs for each agent state to visualiser

bool requestBufferResizes(std::unique_ptr<FLAMEGPU_Visualisation> &vis, bool force)

This requests that the visualisation resizes buffers

  • vis – The affected visualisation

  • force – When true is passed, vis will delay closing the splash screen until this update has been processed Used when agent population has grown


Returns true if a non-0 buffer was requested

void updateBuffers(std::unique_ptr<FLAMEGPU_Visualisation> &vis)

This passes the correct device pointers to the visualisation and forces it to update the data used for rendering


This should only be called when visualisation muted is held


vis – The affected visualisation

Public Members

std::weak_ptr<AutoPalette> auto_palette

Link to the currently active auto_palette

std::shared_ptr<AutoPalette> owned_auto_palette

If setAutoPalette() is called, the created AutoPalette is stored here

AgentStateConfig defaultConfig

This is the default configuration options for states of this agent These values will be used for any state configuration options which have not been set independently

std::unordered_map<std::string, std::shared_ptr<AgentStateVisData>> states

Map of configurations for individual agent states

detail::CUDAAgent &agent

CUDAAgent being rendered

std::shared_ptr<const AgentData> agentData

Agent description hierarchy being rendered

std::map<TexBufferConfig::Function, TexBufferConfig> core_tex_buffers

Holds information on core agent-wide texture buffers e.g. location/direction