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struct RunLog

A collection of LogFrame’s related to a single model run The data available depends on the LoggingConfig used at runtime

Public Functions

inline RunLog()

Constructs an empty RunLog

inline RunLog(const ExitLogFrame &_exit, const std::list<StepLogFrame> &_step)

Constructs a RunLog from existing data frames

  • _exit – Exit LogFrame

  • _step – Ordered list of step LogFrames

inline const ExitLogFrame &getExitLog() const

Return the exit LogFrame


The logging information collected after completion of the model run

inline const std::list<StepLogFrame> &getStepLog() const

Return the ordered list of step LogFrames


If logging frequency was changed in the StepLoggingConfig, there may be less than 1 LogFrame per step.


The logging information collected after each model step

inline uint64_t getRandomSeed() const

Returns the random seed used for this run

inline unsigned int getStepLogFrequency() const

Returns the frequency that steps were logged


This value is configured via StepLoggingConfig::setFrequency()

inline PerformanceSpecs getPerformanceSpecs() const

Return a copy of a structure containing performance relevant device and software information


friend class CUDASimulation
struct PerformanceSpecs

Public Members

std::string device_name

The name of the selected CUDA device, as returned by cudaGetDeviceProperties()

int device_cc_major

The selected CUDA device’s compute capability major version number

int device_cc_minor

The selected CUDA device’s compute capability minor version number

int cuda_version

The version number of the current CUDA Runtime instance. The version is returned as (1000 major + 10 minor). For example, CUDA 9.2 would be represented by 9020.


Uses cudaRuntimeGetVersion()

bool seatbelts

True if FLAME GPU was built with FLAMEGPU_SEATBELTS enabled at CMake configure time For maximum performance, this value should be false

std::string flamegpu_version

Full FLAMEGPU version string