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struct RunLog

A collection of LogFrame’s related to a single model run The data available depends on the LoggingConfig used at runtime

Public Functions

inline RunLog()

Constructs an empty RunLog

inline RunLog(const ExitLogFrame &_exit, const std::list<StepLogFrame> &_step)

Constructs a RunLog from existing data frames

  • _exit – Exit LogFrame

  • _step – Ordered list of step LogFrames

inline const ExitLogFrame &getExitLog() const

Return the exit LogFrame


The logging information collected after completion of the model run

inline const std::list<StepLogFrame> &getStepLog() const

Return the ordered list of step LogFrames


If logging frequency was changed in the StepLoggingConfig, there may be less than 1 LogFrame per step.


The logging information collected after each model step

inline uint64_t getRandomSeed() const

Returns the random seed used for this run

inline unsigned int getStepLogFrequency() const

Returns the frequency that steps were logged


This value is configured via StepLoggingConfig::setFrequency()

inline PerformanceSpecs getPerformanceSpecs() const

Return a copy of a structure containing performance relevant device and software information


friend class CUDASimulation
struct PerformanceSpecs

Public Members

std::string device_name

The name of the selected CUDA device, as returned by cudaGetDeviceProperties()

int device_cc_major

The selected CUDA device’s compute capability major version number

int device_cc_minor

The selected CUDA device’s compute capability minor version number

int cuda_version

The version number of the current CUDA Runtime instance. The version is returned as (1000 major + 10 minor). For example, CUDA 9.2 would be represented by 9020.


Uses cudaRuntimeGetVersion()

bool seatbelts

True if FLAME GPU was built with SEATBELTS enabled at CMake configure time For maximum performance, this value should be false

std::string flamegpu_version

Full FLAMEGPU version string