Class MessageBucket::Description

Nested Relationships

This class is a nested type of Class MessageBucket.

Inheritance Relationships

Base Type

Class Documentation

class Description : public flamegpu::MessageBucket::CDescription

User accessible interface to Bucket messages within mode description hierarchy

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Public Functions

explicit Description(std::shared_ptr<Data> data)


Constructor, creates an interface to the MessageData


dataData store of this agent’s data

Description(const Description &other_message) = default

Copy constructor Creates a new interface to the same MessageData/ModelData

Description(Description &&other_message) = default
Description &operator=(const Description &other_message) = default

Assignment operator Assigns this interface to the same MessageData/ModelData

Description &operator=(Description &&other_message) = default
void setLowerBound(IntT key)

Set the (inclusive) minimum bound, this is the first valid key


void setUpperBound(IntT key)

Set the (inclusive) maximum bound, this is the last valid key

void setBounds(IntT min, const IntT max)