Struct CUDAEnsemble::EnsembleConfig

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Class CUDAEnsemble.

Struct Documentation

struct EnsembleConfig

Execution config for running a CUDAEnsemble

Public Types

enum ErrorLevel


enumerator Off
enumerator Slow
enumerator Fast

Public Members

std::string out_directory = ""

Directory to store output data (primarily logs) Defaults to “” (the working directory, no subdirectory)

std::string out_format = "json"

Output format This must be a supported format e.g.: “json” or “xml” Defaults to “json”

unsigned int concurrent_runs = 4

The maximum number of concurrent runs Defaults to 4

std::set<int> devices

The CUDA device ids of devices to be used If this is left empty, all available devices will be used Defaults to empty set (all available devices)

bool quiet = false

If true progress logging to stdout will be suppressed Defaults to false

bool timing = false

If true, the total runtime for the ensemble will be printed to stdout at completion This is independent of the EnsembleConfig::quiet Defaults to false

ErrorLevel error_level = Slow

Off: Runs which fail do not cause an exception to be raised. Failed runs must be probed manually via checking the return value of calls to CUDAEnsemble::simulate() Slow: If any runs fail, an EnsembleException will be raised after all runs have been attempted, before CUDAEnsemble::simulate() returns. Fast: An EnsembleException will be raised as soon as a failed run is detected, cancelling remaining runs. Defaults to Slow