Struct EnvironmentManager::EnvProp

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Class EnvironmentManager.

Struct Documentation

struct EnvProp

Used to group items required by properties

Public Functions

inline EnvProp(const ptrdiff_t &_offset, const size_t _length, const bool _isConst, const size_type _elements, const std::type_index &_type)
  • _offset – Offset into c_buffer/hc_buffer

  • _length – Length of associated storage

  • _isConst – Is the stored data constant

  • _elements – How many elements does the stored data contain (1 if not array)

  • _type – Type of property (from typeid())

Public Members

ptrdiff_t offset
size_t length
bool isConst
size_type elements
const std::type_index type