Struct EnvironmentData::MacroPropData

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Struct EnvironmentData.

Struct Documentation

struct MacroPropData

Holds all of the properties required to add a value to EnvironmentManager

Public Functions

inline MacroPropData(const std::type_index &_type, const size_t _type_size, const std::array<unsigned int, 4> &_elements)
  • _type – The type index of the base type (e.g. typeid(float))

  • _type_size – The size of the base type (e.g. sizeof(float))

  • _elements – Number of elements in each dimension

inline bool operator==(const MacroPropData &rhs) const
inline bool operator!=(const MacroPropData &rhs) const

Public Members

std::type_index type
size_t type_size
std::array<unsigned int, 4> elements