Struct RunLog::PerformanceSpecs

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Struct RunLog.

Struct Documentation

struct PerformanceSpecs

Public Members

std::string device_name

The name of the selected CUDA device, as returned by cudaGetDeviceProperties()

int device_cc_major

The selected CUDA device’s compute capability major version number

int device_cc_minor

The selected CUDA device’s compute capability minor version number

int cuda_version

The version number of the current CUDA Runtime instance. The version is returned as (1000 major + 10 minor). For example, CUDA 9.2 would be represented by 9020.


Uses cudaRuntimeGetVersion()

bool seatbelts

True if FLAME GPU was built with FLAMEGPU_SEATBELTS enabled at CMake configure time For maximum performance, this value should be false

std::string flamegpu_version

Full FLAMEGPU version string