Struct AgentStateVisData

Struct Documentation

struct AgentStateVisData

Public Functions

AgentStateVisData(std::shared_ptr<const AgentVisData> parent, const std::string &state_name)

Creates a new AgentStateVis to configure visualisation options for a particular agent-state

  • parent – Visualisation options for the agent

  • state_name – State of the agent for which this options should represent

Public Members

std::shared_ptr<const AgentVisData> parent

The parent visualisation options, these hold the default configuration

const std::string state_name

Name of the state from agent description hierarchy

AgentStateConfig config

Holds the config used to render agents in this state

AgentStateConfigFlags configFlags

Holds a boolean for each option (or group of options), to decide whether they should be updated if the default is changed

bool visible = true

If false, rendering of the agent state will be skipped