Class TestSuiteTelemetry

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class TestSuiteTelemetry : private flamegpu::io::Telemetry

detail / internal class for test suite result telemetry/reporting, which extends flamegpu::io::Telemetry to gain access to the private member methods it requires.

Public Static Functions

static bool sendResults(std::string reportName, std::string outcome, unsigned int total, unsigned int selected, unsigned int skipped, unsigned int passed, unsigned int failed, bool verbose, bool isSWIG)

Send the results of a test suite run to TelemtryHub, callable from the google test or pytest test suites.

  • reportName – String identifying which test suite this was.

  • outcome – String indicating if the test suite passed or not (“Passed/Failed”)

  • total – The total number of tests discovered

  • selected – The number of tests selected to run (i.e. not filtered out)

  • skipped – The number of skipped or disabled tests

  • passed – The number of successful tests

  • verbose – flag indicating if the telemetry packet should be printed to stdout or not.

  • isSWIG – flag indicates whether this was called from a Python build of FLAMEGPU.


success of the telemetry push request