Class AgentVector_Agent

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class AgentVector_Agent : public flamegpu::AgentVector_CAgent

non-const view into AgentVector


To set an agent’s id, the agent must be part of a model which has begun (id’s are automatically assigned before initialisation functions and can not be manually set by users)

Public Functions

template<typename T>
void setVariable(const std::string &variable_name, T value)
template<typename T, unsigned int N>
void setVariable(const std::string &variable_name, const std::array<T, N> &value)
template<typename T, unsigned int N = 0>
void setVariable(const std::string &variable_name, unsigned int index, T value)
void resetID()

Sets the ID of this agent to the unset flag


The ID will only not have the unset flag, if the agent has been taken from a simulation which has executed