Class MessageSpatial2D::Description

Nested Relationships

This class is a nested type of Class MessageSpatial2D.

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Base Type

Class Documentation

class Description : public flamegpu::MessageBruteForce::Description

User accessible interface to Spatial2D messages within mode description hierarchy

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Public Functions

void setRadius(const float &r)
void setMinX(const float &x)
void setMinY(const float &y)
void setMin(const float &x, const float &y)
void setMaxX(const float &x)
void setMaxY(const float &y)
void setMax(const float &x, const float &y)
float getRadius() const
float getMinX() const
float getMinY() const
float getMaxX() const
float getMaxY() const

Protected Functions

Description(const std::shared_ptr<const ModelData> &_model, Data *const data)


Description(const Description &other_message) = delete

Default copy constructor, not implemented

Description(Description &&other_message) noexcept = delete

Default move constructor, not implemented

Description &operator=(const Description &other_message) = delete

Default copy assignment, not implemented

Description &operator=(Description &&other_message) noexcept = delete

Default move assignment, not implemented