Struct CUDAScatter::InversionIterator

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Class CUDAScatter.

Struct Documentation

struct InversionIterator

This utility class provides a wrapper for unsigned int * When the iterator is dereferenced the pointed to unsigned int is evaluated using invert() This is useful when trying to partition and sort a dataset using only scatter and scan

Public Types

using difference_type = unsigned int
using value_type = unsigned int
using pointer = unsigned int*
using reference = unsigned int&
using iterator_category = std::random_access_iterator_tag

Public Functions

__host__ __device__ inline explicit InversionIterator(unsigned int *_p)
__device__ inline InversionIterator &operator=(const InversionIterator &other)
__device__ inline InversionIterator operator++(int a)
__device__ inline InversionIterator operator++()
__device__ inline unsigned int operator*()
__device__ inline InversionIterator operator+(const int b) const
__device__ inline unsigned int operator[](int b) const