Struct HostMacroProperty_MetaData

Struct Documentation

struct HostMacroProperty_MetaData

Public Functions

inline HostMacroProperty_MetaData(void *_d_base_ptr, const std::array<unsigned int, 4> &_dims, size_t _type_size, bool _device_read_flag, const std::string &name, cudaStream_t _stream)


inline ~HostMacroProperty_MetaData()
inline void download()

Download data

See also



Only works first time

inline void force_download()

Downloads data from device to host (allocating host buffer if required) Sets has_changed flag to false, as host is current to device

inline void upload()

Upload data

Public Members

char *h_base_ptr
char *d_base_ptr
std::array<unsigned int, 4> dims
unsigned int elements
size_t type_size
bool has_changed
bool device_read_flag
std::string property_name
cudaStream_t stream