Struct DeviceAgentVector_impl::VariableBufferPair

Nested Relationships

This struct is a nested type of Class DeviceAgentVector_impl.

Struct Documentation

struct VariableBufferPair

Pair of a host-backed device buffer This allows transactions which impact master-agent unbound variables to work correctly


Can’t move this definition to .cu, gcc requires it for std::list

Public Functions

inline explicit VariableBufferPair(const std::shared_ptr<detail::VariableBuffer> &_device)

Never allocate

inline VariableBufferPair(VariableBufferPair &&other)
inline VariableBufferPair &operator=(VariableBufferPair &&other)
inline ~VariableBufferPair()

Copy operations are disabled Free host if

Public Members

char *host = nullptr

nullptr until required to be allocated

std::shared_ptr<detail::VariableBuffer> device