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#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <utility>
#include <algorithm>

#include "flamegpu/io/StateWriter.h"
#include "flamegpu/io/XMLStateWriter.h"
#include "flamegpu/io/JSONStateWriter.h"
#include "flamegpu/io/JSONLogger.h"
#include "flamegpu/io/XMLLogger.h"
#include "flamegpu/util/StringPair.h"

namespace flamegpu {

class AgentVector;

namespace io {

class StateWriterFactory {
    static StateWriter* createWriter(
        const std::string& model_name,
        const std::shared_ptr<detail::EnvironmentManager>& env_manager,
        const util::StringPairUnorderedMap<std::shared_ptr<AgentVector>>& model_state,
        const unsigned int iterations,
        const std::string& output_file,
        const Simulation* sim_instance) {
        const std::string extension = std::filesystem::path(output_file).extension().string();

        if (extension == ".xml") {
            return new XMLStateWriter(model_name, env_manager, model_state, iterations, output_file, sim_instance);
        } else if (extension == ".json") {
            return new JSONStateWriter(model_name, env_manager, model_state, iterations, output_file, sim_instance);
        THROW exception::UnsupportedFileType("File '%s' is not a type which can be written "
            "by StateWriterFactory::createWriter().",
    static std::string detectSupportedFileExt(const std::string &user_file_ext) {
        std::string rtn = user_file_ext;
        // Move entire string to lower case
        std::transform(rtn.begin(), rtn.end(), rtn.begin(), [](unsigned char c) { return std::use_facet< std::ctype<char>>(std::locale()).tolower(c); });
        // Strip first character if it is '.'
        if (rtn[0] == '.')
          rtn = rtn.substr(1);
        // Compare against supported formats
        if (rtn == "xml" ||
            rtn == "json") {
            return rtn;
        return "";
}  // namespace io
}  // namespace flamegpu